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Brendan Barnwell

I've added a link to my blog, Interesting Question. I launched this blog a few months ago as a place to post my analyses of an eclectic array of stuff that intrigues me.


I added a small page about my linguistic work. I also decided to remove the Interactive Fiction page, since it was pretty outdated and not very useful.


Some people were mentioning this site doesn't look like it's been updated in a while. That's true — I've been pretty busy with grad school — but nothing's going away, and I haven't forgotten about the site.


I scanned in another comic, called "New Horizons". You can get to it via the Comics link on the left.


I have scanned in my comic, "Milk", and made it available on the site. You can get to it via the Comics link on the left.


Four — count 'em, four — new galleries up. One is an old werewolf session I never gallerized, and the other three focus on my just-completed sequence of three vacations.


A new gallery is up — a big one, full of pictures from my trip to Ireland.


Three new werewolf galleries up.


Photo galleries are up!