Werewolf logs

This log collection owes much to Adam "jwalrus" Biltcliffe's similar collection, from which I stole the basic format of this index.

And oh yeah, that BrenBarn guy you keep seeing in these logs? That's me.

"It helps when people start acting suspicious."
A somewhat stunted game. Just when things get going we lynch the seer for meta-game reasons and then the wolves win that night.
Players (7): ParserGirl Ellison BrenBarn Ender Jota WeirdBeard BoingBall
"Who cares who the seer is? I want blood!"
Another short game. DGlasser inadvertently robs the wolf of a kill in an attempt to speed up a slow night.
Players (5): jwalrus ParserGirl BrenBarn DGlasser thumper
"This is like sudden death overtime"
We decide to throw sanity to the wind and play a game with only 3 people. Then ParserGirl decides to lie.
Players (5): jwalrus ParserGirl BrenBarn
"Well, I'm not personally a wolf."
I screw it all up by accidentally saying out loud what I had meant to whisper to my fellow wolf.
Players (7): Marvin ParserGirl BrenBarn Ender Jota TableSaw jwalrus
"This one's interesting cause the wolves keep screwing up."
The poor seer gets killed right away. That goldarn "kill" command throws suspicion on ParserGirl, and I as the devil try unsuccessfuly to save her.
Players (6): ParserGirl jwalrus Ender BrenBarn TableSaw Marvin
"Woah, I won."
A one-night game with 1 wolf, 1 mafia, 1 vigilante, and 1 villager.
Players (4): Ender BrenBarn Marvin ParserGirl
"this here game is craazyy"
Once again we load the game with killing roles. The amazing Godfather Don Bren de Barn achieves Mafia victory.
Players (7): ParserGirl DGlasser inky Ender BrenBarn Marvin TableSaw
"Well, who *is* a wolf?"
The wolves take advantage of the seer's early death to gain a quick, clean victory.
Players (8): Marvin BrenBarn inky Ender DGlasser TableSaw Jota Miseri
"I'm actually the vigilante."
A real Joe Darter of a game. The seer's early identification of one wolf doesn't prevent the accidental lynching of the vigilante.
Players (9): Ryan BrenBarn BoingBall jwalrus katre inky HairBrain Jota Ender
"speedWolf. It is not for them to wonder why."
Quick and bloody.
Players (5): jwalrus BrenBarn Jota BoingBall Ender
"well, that was odd"
The setup of this game makes a first-night wolf victory quite probable, and whaddaya know.
Players (4): DGlasser thumper BrenBarn Thrax
"We all know that we, individually, didn't do it."
A game with 1 wolf, 4 villagers, and no seer. Naturally no one has any clue what to do, and then the wolf wins but Floyd crashes.
Players (5): thumper BrenBarn Emily DGlasser Thrax
"maybe I shouldn't believe em"
We try the previous setup again, this time with a seer. The wolf wins anyway, and Floyd crashes again.
Players (5): thumper BrenBarn Emily DGlasser Thrax
"anyways, today I think we should kill someone else who isn't me"
The seer holds back on important knowledge and the wolves hornswoggle everyone into lynching villagers relatively quickly.
Players (9): ParserGirl BrenBarn WeirdBeard josh_g Esrom Ellison inky Ender schep
"stable... like a wolf?"
Some meta-game problems drag things out for a while, but the villagers emerge victorious.
Players (9): Ghogg josh_g Ellison Duchess schep WeirdBeard Esrom BrenBarn Ender
"and of course it's quite important to know everything already."
With one wolf exposed by the seer, it comes down to a 50/50 choice and the villagers win but Floyd crashes.
Players (6): Penguin BrenBarn Ender BoingBall Marvin schep
"You admit your wolfishness???"
We manage to get through a whole game without ever lynching a non-wolf, partly because of accomodating wolves and partly because of lucky seer visions.
Players (7): Penguin BrenBarn Ender schep Esrom Marvin BoingBall
"Obviously I'm not gonna lynch myself"
An accidental seer-lynching coupled with freewheeling wolf tactics leads to a relatively quick wolf victory.
Players (7): BrenBarn Esrom BoingBall Ender schep Marvin ParserGirl
"You signal the werewolves."
Okay, this isn't really a werewolf game, it's me being silly with 3 bots in a setup that technically constitutes instant wolf victory.
Players (4): BrenBarn (+3 bots: vlad lupy wolfgang)
"And any way, that was all part of my cunning ploy"
Marvin demonstrates yet again his amazing propensity for being seer and being killed by the wolves the first night. The wolf capitalizes on this, and Floyd once again crashes.
Players (6): Marvin Mona BoingBall BrenBarn Thrax schep
"So, basically, the wolves won."
A one-night game which apparently ends in wolf victory, although Floyd's crash leaves us befuddled.
Players (4): Marvin Mona BrenBarn Thrax
"I'm a villager, of course."
This time it's a one-night/one-day game. Floyd's crash seems to be obscuring a villager victory.
Players (5): WeirdBeard BrenBarn Thrax Marvin Mona
"You'll die if you lynch me"
The seer dies right away. Wild behavior by villagers leads to wolf victory.
Players (6): Thrax Mona BrenBarn Marvin WeirdBeard schep
"good point, 'cept I ain't a wolf"
With a setup requiring a correct lynching on the first day, multiple seer claims allow the wolves to win.
Players (7): schep BrenBarn Thrax WeirdBeard Marvin Mona Esrom
"I step away to get some Sprite and people vote for me?"
The early-seer-death trend is broken and logic prevails in villager victory.
Players (6): trikiw Thrax BrenBarn katre Lonewolf ParserGirl
"I'm not lying"
The villagers use rough-cut logic to win despite the seer's death.
Players (6): BrenBarn Thrax WeirdBeard Lonewolf trikiw ParserGirl
"Don Corleone"
A no-villager game. The "pecking order" of the killing roles makes the outcome a bit hard to understand.
Players (4): BrenBarn WeirdBeard Thrax trikiw
"Oops. drat."
WeirdBeard, Thrax and I decided to go crazy and play a game with 18 bots. Unfortunately it crashed before anything actually happened.
Players (21): BrenBarn WeirdBeard Thrax (+18 bots)
"Hey, you're dead too!"
Another not-really-a-game game. WeirdBeard, Thrax, and I face off against 19 bots who vote at night and secretly kill us.
Players (22): BrenBarn WeirdBeard Thrax (+19 bots)
"Old coot=werewolf?"
We try out the 1 wolf/1 mafia setup. josh_g tries to bamboozle everybody but in the end the villagers come out on top.
Players (7): Thrax Jota BrenBarn jdoe Miseri josh_g schep
"we appear to be losing sight of the real issue of lynchin'"
The wolves keep a low profile and manage to bore everybody into voting for innocent people.
Players (8): jwalrus maga_dogg BrenBarn thumper BoingBall inky ParserGirl Thrax
"kicks ass, n'est-ce pas?"
With the seer dead, I, as the baner, get to tell everybody else what to do. Unfortunately I am lame and we lose.
Players (6): maga_dogg Ryan thumper Thrax jwalrus BrenBarn
"just because you're used to using your TERRIBLE FANGS"
Hasty lynching is redeemed by good seering.
Players (5): thumper schep jwalrus Doe BrenBarn
Random lynching gets one wolf, but the second avenges.
Players (8): thumper jwalrus Sargent BrenBarn Emily schep Doe Mona
"a clever wolf would have killed me. damn you, whoever you are."
A good-sized game with lots of roles winds up taking a long time.
Players (9): Emily Mona BrenBarn Sargent schep Gunther thumper Doe jwalrus
"right. A seer who kills innocent people."
Everything looks to be going good for me, the wolf, until I make the wrong statement and am justly lynched.
Players (6): schep BrenBarn Gunther LoneCleric jwalrus Penguin
"shall we just crazyvote until someone dies?"
The 1 wolf/1 mafia setup gives us 2 deaths each of 2 nights and the Mafia wins.
Players (6): ParserGirl jwalrus BrenBarn Penguin Hloif BoingBall
"The whole world would be blind, toothless, and fieldless"
An interesting setup: one each of wolf, mafia, baner, archangel, seer, and villager. An attempt to identify the mafia by psychological analysis fails.
Players (6): BrenBarn Hloif jwalrus Penguin ParserGirl BoingBall
"there's no real reason to think anything, I think"
This was all set to be a great game -- and I was a wolf! Then maga_dogg, who was also a wolf, had to go and ruin it by killing me before seeing who his fellow wolves were. (HEAR THAT MAGA??? :-)
Players (14): BrenBarn BoingBall ParserGirl katre Hloif Penguin maga_dogg Mona Emily Gunther Jota Ryan schep jwalrus
"but is that really evidence?"
The game becomes bogged down in speculation, but the wolves help by voting for themselves.
Players (7): maga_dogg Hloif BoingBall schep BrenBarn Mona jwalrus
"curse you, merry yokels"
We manage to lynch the wolf, mostly by process of elimination.
Players (5): schep maga_dogg Hloif BrenBarn Emily
"I'm not a wolf for the same reasons you aren't"
The wolves take advantage of maga_dogg's outlandish behavior and win.
Players (7): Hloif schep Emily BrenBarn maga_dogg Rob ParserGirl
"lupy is a villager."
Once again I while away the hours playing with the bots.
Players (7): BrenBarn (+7 bots)
It starts off well for us wolves, but then the seer identifies me and the villagers wind up winning.
Players (9): thumper Hloif Emily Miseri maga_dogg BrenBarn schep doe andyf
"what? a moment ago you said I was a seer?"
We try the 2 wolf/2 seer/2 fool setup, not realizing that the nature of the fool role makes this somewhat trivial in principle.
Players (6): Hloif Gunther BrenBarn jwalrus BoingBall LoneCleric
"I'm also a seer"
The wolves keep us guessing for all of a long first day with their trickery, but we get wise to their game.
Players (9): Rob lurd Hloif Ellison BrenBarn andyf thumper LoneCleric lno
"You signal the seer."
Once again I experiment with the bots (no, not like that, you're disgusting), testing out the little-known "signal" command.
Players (10): BrenBarn (+9 bots)
"Don't mess up the ritual!"
The "If I am a seer" tactic pretty much drives this game, with players frequently reviewing earlier claims.
Players (8): Ellison thumper Ender LoneCleric BoingBall BrenBarn Skip Bishop
"my mistake, you just hate me"
A large, long game with lots of roles. Accusations fly every which way.
Players (12): Jarb BoingBall BrenBarn jwalrus inky Ender Ellison dfan Dan_Wood ctate Marvin Ryan
A short game, hurried along by a strange bug apparently caused by Switch's username.
Players (5): Thrax BoingBall Marvin BrenBarn Switch
"I think Floyd hates me"
Not much logic or anything but randomness. A brief game.
Players (5): BrenBarn BoingBall SwitchBlade Marvin ctate
"hooray, let's all lynch ourselves"
The game is brought to a swift end when the wolf reveals himself.
Players (6): BrenBarn jwalrus maga_dogg Marvin SwitchBlade ctate
"Still, it's not impossible to do really dumb things that work."
An incredibly long first day is followed by quick, brutal lynchings of the wolves when the devil looks out for number one.
Players (9): BrenBarn schep Marvin Iain jwalrus maga_dogg Storme Gunther Miseri
"did you get my signal"
A very long game, drawn out somewhat by a tangential discussion of the "signal" command and a night where everyone has a rollicking good time trying out all the fun verbs like "examine".
Players (10): Marvin Gunther Iain BrenBarn schep maga_dogg Storme devil jwalrus Miseri
"damn, now I look like a wolf."
The villagers lynch a wolf at the outset, but the surviving wolf pulls off a fiendish trick and emerges victorious.
Players (10): devil BrenBarn schep maga_dogg Miseri Storme Golrien jwalrus Iain Hjalfi
"there's always the "lynch someone at random" strategy."
Everything goes down in a hurry when the seer's knowledge is revealed.
Players (8): Golrien Hloif schep BrenBarn Skip maga_dogg BoingBall ctate
"i always make the wrong choice"
The devil compensates for the death of one wolf by stirring things up.
Players (8): Gunther schep BrenBarn Hloif Golrien Thrax ctate maga_dogg
"I'm also a villager."
Careful behavioral analysis and luck help the villagers win.
Players (8): BoingBall ParserGirl maga_dogg BrenBarn Hloif Golrien ctate josh_g
"wait, what?"
We stick a vigilante in a small, one-wolf game and enjoy the insanity.
Players (6): Golrien josh_g Hloif ParserGirl BrenBarn maga_dogg
"me am vigilante. me kill wrong person"
We stick a vigilante in an even smaller one-wolf game and enjoy some more insanity.
Players (5): Golrien BrenBarn ParserGirl maga_dogg josh_g
"just kill faster :)"
The same setup again, only this time the vigilante gets lucky and the villagers win right away.
Players (5): Golrien BrenBarn ParserGirl maga_dogg josh_g
"in my defense, I'd just like to say, I didn't do it"
This time the wolf/vigilante setup leaves the fate of the village in Gunther's hands.
Players (6): Golrien BrenBarn josh_g Gunther maga_dogg ParserGirl
"I deny that accusation!"
This time, with a larger group of people, we bring the Mafia onto the scene, complete with archangel.
Players (10): BrenBarn schep ctate maga_dogg Gunther ParserGirl Golrien josh_g BoingBall Hloif
"all this is meaningless"
Gunther finally cajoles everyone into playing a game with 1 wolf, 1 seer, and the rest fools. The villagers miraculously win.
Players (9): maga_dogg Golrien schep ctate Hloif Gunther josh_g BoingBall BrenBarn
"I don't care. I'm gonna die anyhow."
The villagers (well, members of the villager team) amazingly win, despite being faced with 2 wolves and 2 mafia.
Players (6): Hloif BoingBall BrenBarn schep maga_dogg ctate
Pure luck gives the wolf some unexpected credibility, and the villagers are vanquished.
Players (6): ctate maga_dogg BrenBarn schep Golrien Skip
"i know. i'm picking someone more likely than me to be a wolf, and voting."
Luck allows the villagers to recover from the seer's early death.
Players (5): schep BrenBarn maga_dogg Golrien ctate
"turnips good, innocents bad."
We beef up the previous setup by adding a devil, and it works: the wolf team wins.
Players (5): schep ctate Golrien maga_dogg BrenBarn
"we have lynched you by the eye... with democracy!"
Conversations about undergarments distract the villagers long enough to allow the wolves to win.
Players (9): Ellison BrenBarn josh_g jwalrus Hloif Storme Jota Emily ParserGirl
"trust me."
LucentTrans plays the role of baner in a most unconventional manner.
Players (6): BrenBarn Skip BoingBall WeirdBeard Bishop LucentTrans
"'jumps', eh? So he MUST BE A WOLF"
Marvin's gloomy perspective proves well-founded.
Players (7): LucentTrans BrenBarn WeirdBeard BoingBall Bishop Gunther Marvin
"erm, no. I'm a villager."
A lucky seer vision and an astute baner allow the villager to win quickly.
Players (7): trikiw schep LucentTrans BrenBarn BoingBall Thrax maga_dogg
"Get a room/grave."
3 wolves in an 11-player game doesn't give the villagers much of a chance in any case. In this particular instance, they manage to exceed all expectations of defeat by lynching not only the baner but the seer as well.
Players (11): BrenBarn BoingBall maga_dogg josh_g Bishop Stacey Marvin ParserGirl devil Hloif Ender
"it is -- IF YOU'RE A WOLF!!!"
The game comes to a swift end when the seer identifies the lone wolf.
Players (6): Marvin BrenBarn Thrax Stacey maga_dogg DavidW
"Lectures...in HELL"
I show my lack of seer skillz by identifying people who immediately die. The villagers win anyway. ParserGirl is crafty.
Players (6): maga_dogg DavidW BrenBarn Thrax Stacey ParserGirl
"Yes. Stand in awer of my subtlety. No, wait, ignore my subtlety."
We stand in awe of Bishop's subtlety. Not only do the wolves win, they both survive.
Players (11): andyf schep Thazz BrenBarn LoneCleric Bishop Guest1 julian Marten Gunther traevoli
"I doubt my sister would smile at my murder."
A relatively high newbie-to-veteran count doesn't prevent a fairly thoughtful game.
Players (7): Thazz julian traevoli Guest1 Marten BrenBarn DGlasser
"Seriously, everyone, I'm a wolf. Vote me."
Skip brings his apparently-not-friend Necro-Phil onto the MUD and the two of them play out their game of vengeance against an epic backdrop of werewolf.
Players (10): maga_dogg ctate BrenBarn Hloif Emily Skip Duchess DavidW BoingBall Necro-Phil
"But I hate dogs!!"
Luck and logic lead the villagers to victory.
Players (7): Bishop Miseri BrenBarn maga_dogg BoingBall Ander jwalrus
"I suspect... HIM!"
A role-packed game allows me to exercise my fiendish wolf skillz.
Players (6): Miseri BoingBall Ander BrenBarn maga_dogg Bishop
"Well, this is silly. We need to vote for somone."
A fair amount of seesaw voting culminates in a wolf win.
Players (9): BrenBarn Hloif schep Ender Marvin ctate julian maga_dogg andyf
"I'm not saying I'm not, but you and I are both one or the other."
We get 3 seer claims, even though we only have 1 fool and 1 seer. The wolves win, but Waldo crashes.
Players (9): ctate maga_dogg Hloif Julian schep BoingBall andyf BrenBarn DavidW
"maybe that's because he's dead."
The seer fumbles a bit, and the wolf takes advantage.
Players (6): BrenBarn maga_dogg Hloif Julian schep DavidW
"it seems we are back to total randomness"
We try the old vote-then-unvote-and-see-who-pounces trick a few times and throw in a bit of halfhearted logic.
Players (7): Hloif BoingBall BrenBarn Hjalfi devil maga_dogg brendan
"What'd I ever do to you? Besides accusing you, I mean."
RogerCarbol acts wacky but for some reason everybody lynches me instead. Then the wolves win.
Players (8): Ryan BrenBarn Bishop maga_dogg BoingBall Cube Emily RogerCarbol
"actually we can assume NOTHING!"
One of the all-time classic werewolf games. Random lynching, lying Masons, and a newbie named Cube who survives for 3 days as the lone wolf and achieves glorious wictory.
Players (13): Bishop BrenBarn schep Matthew Ender Emily maga_dogg BoingBall Cube RogerCarbol trikiw Ryan LoneCleric
"now I feel all magisterial"
I get to be the magistrate. That's cool. We lynch thr wolf by pure luck.
Players (6): Miseri BoingBall Ander BrenBarn maga_dogg Bishop
"Aren't you? This is dangerous."
We have to lynch a villager for meta-game reasons, but we wind up lynching the wolf anyway.
Players (6): BrenBarn Matthew schep Julian reillyb maga_dogg
"I'm *not* a wolf now."
It comes down to a 50/50 choice and we guess right.
Players (6): maga_dogg schep BrenBarn Julian reillyb ParserGirl
"well that's helpful, considering it was meaningless then"
The villagers use logic to figure out the seer/fool relationship.
Players (7): schep BrenBarn ParserGirl reillyb Julian LoneCleric caleb
"those dreams of blood came true"
A long, long game.
Players (9): schep BrenBarn Julian caleb reillyb maga_dogg Marvin devil Banichi
"Likewise, it's possible that I really am Herr Soze."
The villagers use logic to figure out the seer/fool relationship.
Players (8): Marvin BrenBarn maga_dogg reillyb Julian caleb Bishop Ghogg
Finally, you can, if you so desire, get a zip file containg all these logs .